The following was voted on at the class meetings and passed by a majority and will be in effect Jan 1, 2017.
1. The following PASSED in Expert Box 12, Am & Ex I-15, Am and Ex C-12 classes.

A. Rear tires/wheels used may have a Maximum Outside Wheel Diameter of the .650″ or smaller. Any wheel(s) that are .650″ O.D. or smaller Must be used. No “waffled/cross drilled” wheels may be used. Drilling is allowed in the backside hub boss area only. Any tires selling for a Retail Price $16.00 per pair or less with a Max O.D. of .650″ or smaller must be used.

2. The following PASSED in Expert Box 12, Am & Ex I-15, Am and Ex C-12 classes.

A. No Speed Rubber allowed in Qualifying or Racing.

3. The following PASSED in Expert Box 12

A. May use Ball Bearing in motor Endbell.

4. The following PASSED in One Motor Open Gr 7

A. Change from One motor to Two Motor Open. Tech and motor impound rules will be the same as 27 Light.

B. No MOTOR BRUSH CHANGING or ANY MOTOR COMPONENT CHANGES AT ALL once the car is tech in for race and during the racing or lane changes. Componets include, set-up, armature, endbell, magnets, can, brushes, springs, bearings.

There will on Online Vote for National Director and several By Laws proposals.

The Nominations for USRA National Director are:
Richard Curnutte
Roger Schmitt
Joe Redmond

The Online Vote will open on Sept 15, 2016 and will close on Sept 29, 2016. All current USRA Members are allowed to vote and will be notified by e-mail when voting opens on Sept 15, 2016.

Thank you,

Shontel Howard
USRA National Director

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