After seven months of negotiations, the Amalgamated Workers Union New Zealand Southern Incorporated (AWUNZ), Central Amalgamated Workers Union Incorporated (CAWU), New Zealand Ambulance Association (NZAA), Agent Ambulances Workplace Union Incorporated (AOWU) and St John, advise us to have reached an agreement on collective enterprise and management and support agreements, which are recommended by the four unions to be welcomed by their members. Unfortunately, the conditions of agricultural workers with young apprentices in Telford are now favoured over young apprentices, particularly with regard to hours actually worked and paid, payment of false leave allowances and incorrect payment of legal days and loss times. Faced with the isolation of these workers, the idea of maintaining agreements for them is impossible. AWUNZ has not been able to enter into agreements with market gardens. Employment and migrant agencies and labour for exchange housing have reduced the sector to fundamental circumstances where raising the minimum wage will be the focus of full-time discussion on each site. The agreement applies for a three-year period with the following key elements: the seasonality of the industry poses real logistical problems related to the attempt to reach agreements in this area of employment. With foreign investment in this sector, the sector remains dependent on migrant workers and short-term work visas. AWUNZ is calling for a better supply for these workers across the country, as the number of applications off the coast continues seasonal work. The Union will negotiate your employment contract and, if necessary, will apply it again with the abolition of the national allocation system, the kindergartens have proved “out of bounds” for the organisation and distribution in the countryside, it was obvious that each owner preferred to take care of his affairs separately, when a national standard might have been collectively advantageous. The industry is full of low-wage stories and is therefore struggling to attract apprentices and employees who actually remain in the sector. Municipalities that have retained their gardens and green spaces have proven to be the last Bastian to benefit from quality training and to maintain appropriate rates of pay. We commend this advice, in particular Christchurch City Council, which got along despite the tragedies that the city claimed, and we tried to expand its training program. UNION AND COMMUNITY MEDICAL CENTRE Doctors, nurses and low-cost social workers available to union members.

AWUNZ has a comprehensive collective agreement with prairie mushrooms in Christchurch. Meadows is a massive NZ-scale plant that produces about 80% of the mushrooms sold in New Zealand, and is expected to continue expanding in 2018. This measure provides hundreds of jobs and the collective agreement is the cornerstone of the institution`s employment conditions. It is our preference to have uniform terms and conditions for all St. John National employees, as a result St. John and the four union parties have provided that the members of the First Union will be members of the new collective agreement if they wish. If First Union decides not to be part of the new collective agreement, Saint John will continue to work on the various options available. The UNION will implement collective agreements and, if necessary, the Union will deal with all complaints or disputes, The EU is committed to improving health and safety standards in the workplace – The EU is committed to promoting training at work – The EU is still working to improve wages and employment conditions – The union is always working to protect jobs The union is always working to improve wages and conditions of employment The union is committed to improving health and safety standards in the workplace. They were unjustifiably dismissed; or DISCUSSIONS HEARINGS / RESOLUTION Litigation Consultation – Personal Complaints Interviews Preparation of documents and files until the case is turned over to the Authority (definition below).

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