– the partner university charges the student in exchange for a counsellor to help him register. – At the end of the exchange program, all students must receive from the partner university a Transcript of Records document containing all courses taken during the exchange period, as well as a certificate of participation signed by the partner university indicating the student`s last length of stay. – during their studies abroad, students are subject to the rules and rules of the partner university as well as the laws of the country in which they are located. – students who participate in the Erasmus exchange programme pay their courses as usual at the B-LG and are given teaching time at the partner institution (host institution). However, they are responsible for the transportation and delivery of the partner university, as well as all the costs of living and personal expenses during the exchange program. Scholarships are calculated according to the dates indicated in the acceptance letter the student receives from the partner university. 80% of the total amount is paid into the student`s bank account (guaranteed BBVA) before departure. Information about the online appointment and application system: www.bilgi.edu.tr/en/information/international-center/foreign-students/erasmus-exchange/ The partner university is responsible for helping student students in their living conditions, depending on whether the student meets all relevant deadlines. (Erasmus agreements are based each year. The agreements you see above have been added to give you an overview, they are valid only for the academic year 2020-2021. They can be modified for the next applications of the academic year.) IMPORTANT: Academic preferences that are made on the online system are your final decisions and cannot be changed as soon as you submit your application and print.

The scholarships are only transferred after the student has signed the scholarship agreement with BILGI as the final stage of mobility and accepts all the conditions of granting and the general rules of the program. – After the selection of Erasmus students, the Erasmus office will inform the partner universities of the reception of the exchanges. The student will then take care of the partner university individually. Students must complete all necessary forms, including accommodation forms, and meet deadlines set by the partner university.

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