RETURN YOUR VEHICLE TO AN INFINITI DEALER NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS BEFORE THE EXPIRY DATE OF YOUR LEASE AGREEMENT. If you are buying your leased vehicle, you do not need a prior inspection. You are not responsible for excess miles or excessive wear and tear charges. If you decide to buy your current vehicle, the price is based on what was agreed when signing your lease. Your lease may require you to pay incidental fees such as turnover tax, vehicle registration, purchase option fees of up to $395 or other different fees. There are tire stores that specialize in leased return tires. There are still new tires that have not sold, that are now fully weather tested, but have 9-11/32 on them for them to pass the inspection. Stores pick them up for a song and sell them for $40-50/EA installed. *The waiver of loyalty is valid for up to 30 days after the termination of the rental agreement. Eligibility is determined by leasing or purchasing a new, unused and unregistsed INFINITI vehicle financed by IFS. The name of the owner registered on the current lease must be identical to the registered owner of the new INFINITI or be maintained in co-ownership. The customer must fulfill all obligations to IFS in accordance with its current lease agreement. The waiver of excessive wear and tear does not apply to charges for excess kilometres.

Step 2: Contact your dealer before the expiration date of the rental agreement to make an appointment for the return of the vehicle and complete a federal odometer declaration/rental declaration. Be sure to request a printed copy of your file, as this is your receipt for your rental. In most cases, your vehicle must be returned to the INFINITI dealer that entered into your lease agreement. If this is not possible, you can return the vehicle to an INFINITI dealer. Please agree on a return date with the INFINITI dealer before returning the vehicle. We can also help you coordinate a lease buyback if you are interested in purchasing your leased vehicle. You can now pay your declaration of liability at the end of the rental agreement online and free of charge! For online payment instructions, please click here. If you decide not to carry out repairs, just return your vehicle….

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