If the Contractor makes available to customers, within the framework of the Contract, any type of transport, the Contractor shall be required to take out motor vehicle liability insurance. 5) The parties agree that the CONTRACTOR`s insurance is designed as an initial insurance and that the landkreiss insurance and/or deductibles and/or self-insuring deductibles or self-insuring programs are not considered contributory. 1. Cyber liability insurance, with limits below $2,000,000 per event or damage, for a total of $2,000,000. The coverage must be broad enough to meet the obligations and obligations that the seller/contractor/operator assumes in this Agreement, but it is not limited to claims involving infringement of intellectual property, including, but not limited to, infringement of copyright, trademark, commercial requirements, violation of privacy, theft of information, deterioration or destruction of electronic information, disclosure of private information, modification of electronic information, blackmail and network security. The policy must cover the response to violations, fines and penalties, as well as credit monitoring fees, with sufficient limits to meet these obligations. In cases where an insurance policy covers multiple policyholders, it is worth considering including indemnity and non-imputation clauses in the insurance. Salvatoriale clauses mean that an insured`s compliance and disclosure errors do not affect the rights of other insureds. Non-imputation clauses act in such a way that the knowledge of one insured person cannot be attributed to another. The Contractor shall receive, at the Contractor`s expense, Builder`s Risk Insurance (including earthquakes and floods) and maintain it in effect until final receipt by the County, covering the real and personal property of others in the custody, custody and control of the Contractor. Coverage includes theft and damage to the interior of the building.

The minimum amount of coverage to be carried forward corresponds to the total amount of the contract. The Contractor is financially liable for any deductible applied to the loss. This insurance covers the county of Multnomah, the contractor and its subcontractors, to the extent that their interests may arise. if there is an activity that is likely to result in catastrophic bodily or property damage (for example. B renovation or construction of major buildings) and that basic insurance limits may not be sufficient. Contact Risk Management for assistance with this coverage. Under national law, any employer who employs one or more “workers of the subject” is obliged to provide work allowance to such workers. Most contractors with whom landkreis deducts service contracts must provide proof of this coverage, which provides medical treatment and wage subsidies for work-related injuries of their employees.

In county contracts, certain contractors may be exempted from the requirement to provide this coverage as sole contractors who qualify as independent contractors, partners who are not involved in construction work and who qualify as independent contractors, and certain senior managers who are directors of the company and have a critical interest in the company. It is essential that you obtain proof of workers` compensation coverage or exemption from the law before starting work under the contract. Otherwise, the Landkreis could be held liable for the workers` compensation claims of the contractor and pay the costs of these rights under the Landkreis self-insurance fund. Any contractor claiming to be exempted must complete the Workers` Compensation Exemption Certificate (see Annex B-4). See Annex B, B-1, for information on employee indemnity insurance requirements for contractors outside the State. . . .

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