For law firms, we offer our DirectLaw web service, a hosted virtual law firm platform for solo and small law firms, which allows them to offer online legal services without significant capital investments. DirectLaw allows a law firm to have an interactive and dynamic site in relation to clients. The DirectLaw Directory of Virtual Law Firms is a directory of law firms that use our directLaw virtual law firm platform and are able to provide online legal services. SmartLegalFormsĀ® are powered by RapidocsĀ®, an award-winning proprietary document automation technology with an “intelligence engine” at its core. This “intelligence engine” allows our legal forms and “smart” documents to respond to the circumstances of a single user. SmartLegalFormsĀ®, Inc. Headquartered in Severna Park, Maryland, is a leading provider of smart legal forms and web documents for consumers, small businesses and institutions. From estate planning to divorce, name change, creation and company agreements, identity documents and the more than 450 legal forms and automated documents distributed on our highly specific websites, SLF demonstrates the effectiveness of legal assistance software provided on the Internet. Tax preparation professionals, real estate agents, financial planners, title professionals, insurance brokers looking for additional revenue streams will discover that our SmartLegalForms platform is easy to implement and manage. If you would like free advice to learn more about how your organisation can offer a legal documentation service, contact us or fill out this form: We sell our SmartLegalFormsĀ® directly to consumers and small businesses through our own network of retail websites and other distribution channels, including independent law firms and legal documentation offices. If you are a Legal Document Assistant that serves the public directly, our SmartLegalForms platform increases your productivity and profit margins and protects you from the expense of the unauthorized legal practice of the organized bar. The weather is perfect for a new technology model for individuals and small businesses. one that is self-service with lower fixed fees and high margins for suppliers….

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