Please contact your Toyota dealer for current program settings, conditions and restrictions. If you don`t travel long distances, you can reduce monthly payments with a low-mileage lease. All new Toyota vehicles are allowed to if they are driven at less than 10,000 miles per year with a lease term of 33 to 60 months.3 Offer to waive the disposition fee for qualified customers with a good reputation with TFS who, within 30 days of the date of leaseback and financing/leasing with TFS/LFS, buy a new or certified pre-owned Toyota or a new Lexus or L/certified. Toyota Financial Services offers special benefits to customers who have previously financed or leased a vehicle through TFS. Excessive wear and tear/use: No matter how careful you are when driving your new vehicle, some wear and tear is required for the duration of your rental agreement. However, any excessive wear and tear or excessive use of the vehicle may result in additional charges at the end of your rental agreement. A common rule of thumb for excessive external damage is damage that exceeds the size of a credit card (including scratches, dents, etc.). For more information and examples, see the Toyota Wear and Use Guide. Residual value: The residual value of your vehicle is essentially the amount that the vehicle will be worth at the end of your lease. For example, a new Camry worth US$25,000 at the end of your lease can be worth nearly $US 12,500, taking into account the use and wear and tear you put on the vehicle during your lease agreement. Capitalized Cost Reduction: Reducing cap costs is like an acompage. The higher initial amount put on the vehicle essentially reduces their monthly payments accordingly.

Monthly leasing payments can be determined by taking the net heading fee and subtracting the residual value of the vehicle. Another case where leasing is not a good idea is if you intend to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease agreement. Lease agreements may include conversion fees, redemption fees, and others that may increase the total price of the vehicle. As you can see, leasing has a few advantages over financing a Toyota. But leasing is not what it takes for everyone. To learn more about leasing new Toyota vehicles and whether it is the right choice for you, please contact Antwerp Toyota today or contact us at 888-469-4997 for further support. Lease Equity: Let`s say you`re interested in a 2018 Toyota Camry. At the beginning of your lease agreement, a residual value is assigned to the vehicle, which is the amount that the car will be worth when your lease expires.. .

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