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United Slot Racers Association

The USRA is a slot car racing organization for 1/24 & 1/32 commercial slot car track racing enthusiasts.  The USRA is the governing body that sanctions the USRA National Championships each year.

There are two divisions of slot car classes in the USRA, that each have their own National Championship event every year.

1/24 Scale Group 7 Wing Slot Car

1/24 Scale Group 7 “Wing” Car – Photo Courtesy of Camen

Division 1 is for 1/24 scale “Wing Cars” which are raced on high speed banked tracks – most commonly on a “Blue King” track, which is a very popular design of 155′ 8 lane commercial track. With many similar design “Blue King” tracks throughout the country and the world, the Blue King track has been the favorite for the Wing Car “Nats” (National Championships) for many years. Wing Car classes range from the less expensive spec chassis & motor classes to the unlimited Group 7 class, with cars able to achieve blinding speeds, capable of completing a lap around the 155′ Blue King track in under 1.5 seconds!

1/24 Scale GTP Slot Car

1/24 Scale GTP Car – Photo Courtesy of Parma

Div 2 is for the “Scale Car” classes, which are run on both banked and flat tracks. They range from the less expensive stamped steel “Flexi Car” chassis classes with spec motors, to the faster classes with lazer or EDM cut steel chassis GT-12 & Eurosport classes, which are frequently run on flat tracks, resulting in a unique blend of speed and challenge.

The USRA organizes, promotes, and sanctions the two divisions National Championships events each year, at host raceways around the country.

USRA membership is composed of racers, manufacturers, and track owners, who maintain a common set of racing rules, and vote on their choice of bidding raceways to select the host for the following year’s National Championships for each division.

The USRA is an organization that is run FOR the racers and run BY the racers!

And most of all, the USRA is an organization for fellow slot car enthusiasts to meet and compete, at the top level of the hobby/sport of competitive slot car racing – and to have FUN!

This web site is for members & potential new members, to provide the rules, news, and information for competing in the annual “USRA Nats” events.