2011 USRA Bylaws Proposals

Online Vote Results

Following are the 2011 USRA Bylaws proposals, followed by the voting results as voted on by current 2011 USRA Division 1 & 2 members:

Proposal Number 1

Limit voting to Members/Racers racing at the National Events

Voting will continue to be conducted as an online vote but only those racers attending the NATS in the current year will a receive ballot.

Results:  Yes – 43   No – 46  Failed

Proposal Number 2

Once a raceway hosts a National Championship Race, it must wait 4 years before bidding again. This is per division. A raceway may host a Division I event and then host a Division II event in less than the 4 year period.

This means a raceway will only be able to host the NATS once every 5 years. This format will give more raceways a chance to win the bid for the National Championship Races.

Results:  Yes – 39   No – 50  Failed

Proposal Number 3

Change the term of the USRA Officers to the following format:

(A) Change the term of the National Director to 2 years beginning in 2012; can succeed once (2 consecutive term limit); will remain on the BOD as a past ND for a period of 2 years following the expiration of the elected term.

(B) Change the term of the Division Directors to 2 years in 2013; can succeed once (2 consecutive term limit).  For 2012 the Division Director will be elected for one year.

(C) Change the term of the Division Assistant Tech Director to 2 years in 2012. After serving one year he/she will move to the position Division Tech Director in 2013. Beginning in 2013 only a Division Assistant Tech Director will be elected.  For 2012 the Division Tech Director will be elected for one year.

This Proposal will help provide continuity among the leadership in the USRA. With this system the National Director and Division Directors terms will expire on alternate years; National Director on even years and Division Directors on odd years.

Results:  Yes – 70   No – 19  Passed


USRA Bylaws Online Voting Results

Proposal # #1 #2 #3
Totals Yes 43 39 70
No 46 50 19
Total Votes 89 89 89
Pass / Fail Fail Fail Pass
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