2012 USRA Divison 1 Rules Proposals

Following are the 2012 USRA Division 1 Rules proposals, to be voted on by current 2012 USRA Division 1 members:

  1. Minimum length from center of guide flag hole to center of rear axle for all USRA Division 1 chassis will be 4.1″. (needed to maintain 1/24th Scale length)
  2. Restore Pro/Expert and Amateur Driver Classifications to International 15, C12, and G27. (multiple submissions)
  3. Establish a “Move Up” policy/rule whereby a racer will be allowed to defend their title one time then they are required to move to a Pro/Expert class.  Age criteria stated in the 2012 Rule Book on pg 17 will remain in effect until the racer reaches the age of 14.
  4. Increase OMO voltage to 14.3 volts (eliminates the need to have separate motors for OMO and Regular Gp7).
  5. Change 27 Lite chassis to any commercially available steel chassis with a minimum thickness of .047″and a minimum length of 4.100″ as measured from the center of the guide flag hole to the center of the axle.  Basic chassis cannot be modified; must remain as submitted with regard to rail widths, including slots for pillow blocks, etc.   Any commercially available pillow blocks may be used.  (simplifies tech process and allows racers to adjust length of chassis for different track conditions)
  6. Change seeding for OMO and 27 Lite as follows:  Qualifying positions 1-32 will be seeded into (4)  Mains using the serpentine method.  Refer to the chart on pg 22 of the 2012 USRA Rule Book Quarterfinals.  The remainder of the field will be seeded into a many mains as necessary using the same serpentine method without using a Round-Robin Format.  The mains will be run in reverse alphabetical order with the A Main being run last. The standard marshaling process will be followed (A will marshal D and H will marshal E).  (with this format qualifying will have some value and the integrity of the class objective to create a competitive mixed pro/am field will be achieved)
  7. Disallow adding weight to the bottom of the chassis in Gp12.  (needed to maintain a more consistent minimum ground clearance)
  8. Establish a minimum chassis weight spec for the Manufacturers of approved Gp12 chassis, effective 2015.  The weight of the chassis will be determined by the USRA BoD and the manufacturers of currently approved Gp12 chassis.  (this rule is meant to eliminate the need to add weight to meet the 72 gram minimum weight and the risk of being disqualified for not meeting the minimum weight as the result of a crash)
  9. Eliminate the minimum weight requirement from Spec 12. (Not necessary with Spec Chassis, Spec Tires, and Spec Motors)


All current 2012 USRA Division 1 members will be receiving an email with the invitation to vote which will include a link to the online voting ballot.

Voting will be open from today – Friday October 19, 2012 and will be closed at midnight on Thursday November 1, 2012 (end of the day, all time zones). This should allow sufficient time for all members to place their votes.

Please only vote once. When you submit your vote, you will see a confirmation at the bottom of the voting page. All ballots and votes will be checked against the 2012 USRA Division 1 active member list for verification of eligibility.

You must fill out your name, email address, and your USRA membership number. In case you do not have your USRA card handy, your membership number is the number preceding your name at the top & bottom of the email that was sent to all current USRA Div 1 members.

The 9 proposals are being published publicly online, but only current USRA Division 1 members are being sent the direct link to the actual online voting ballot. All ballots will be verified against the membership list.

Thank you,

Milton Gamble
USRA National Director

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