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2015 USRA Rulebook (pdf file)

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NOTE: This is the final print version (“Version-DONE”) uploaded 01/27/2015 and supersedes all previous versions.

This final version of the USRA 2015 Rule Book is being printed and will be distributed to current 2015 members soon, and will be available to those joining at the 2015 USRA Div 2 & Div 1 Nats.

Visit the Membership page to join or renew your USRA membership to receive a printed rule book and membership card.


Previous USRA Rulebooks & Updates:


2014 USRA Rulebook (pdf file)


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2012 USRA Rulebook (pdf file)

03/16/2012: The following is a correction to the 2012 USRA Rule Book, page 48, regarding the GT12 Amateur Class:



I. Driver Classification (Scale Division)

A. Driver Classifications

1. Amateur Division

a) Racers with average driving or technical ability and newer racers.

b) At the National Championships, Amateur Division racers will use handout motors for all classes except for GT12.

c) Junior class is for those 13 years of age and younger.


USRA Previous Year’s Rules Archives (pdf)

Archived copies of past USRA rules, are also posted on the USRA Nats History page.


updated: 01/27/2015 – 2015 final print version of rules posted

updated: 12/12/2014 – 2015 rules posted

updated: 01/12/2014 – 2014 rules posted

updated: 01/25/2013 – 2013 rules posted

updated: 03/16/2012 – 2012 rules correction posted – GT12 Amateur

updated: 02/18/2012 – 2012 preliminary rules posted

updated: 03/07/2012 – 2012 final print version of rules posted

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