June 1, 2011
27 Lite Chassis Length
The following lengths will be used at the 2011 Division I NATS:
B52 4.375”
Camen 2050 4.300”
Camen 2051 4.250”
Camen Wedge RTC (Emerson) 4.250”
GTO 4.600”
Koford 610A 4.300”
N-R Slot 4.350”
Slick 7 4.330”
Red Fox (wide motor box) 4.300”
Wrightway (narrow motor box) 4.200”
All lengths are measured from the center of the guide flag hole to the center of the rear axle. A tolerance of +/- (plus or minus) 0.015” is allowed. “All drivers are responsible for the legality of their equipment” as stated on page 26 of the 2011 USRA Rule Book.

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