June 18, 2011

The following is a statement from the USRA National Director in response to the recent controversy of the Pay Per View Broadcast (PPV) of the 2011 USRA NATS brought to you by Chick’s Hobbiz and Go Fast Products.

The United Slot Racers Association (USRA) sanctions a National Championship race for each Division annually as outlined in the USRA Rule Book. The event is a collaborative effort between the host raceway and the USRA but the event is run by USRA and its designated officials (USRA Board). As such the USRA Board has oversight responsibilities and authority on any matters concerning the event. All entry forms, tech sheets, and other such administrative data are the property of the USRA and will be turned over to the USRA and its designated officials. This includes the ability to post race results in a timely manner on the internet or any other media it may choose to utilize.

As stated on pages 11-12 of the 2011 USRA Rule Book, a manufacturer or a distributor of slot car products is not allowed to usurp the USRA Image for their benefit. I consulted with my attorney, who is a former raceway owner, regarding this rule and the PPV Broadcast. His determination was that the broadcast would require permission by the USRA. The USRA would be entitled to a written disclosure of all parties involved, the dispensing of revenues, and due to the “not for profit status” of the USRA, it could be required to accept bids for the broadcast.

The PPV broadcast “brought to you by Chick’s Hobbiz and Go Fast Products” would be a violation of the USRA Rules because Go Fast Products is a manufacturer. Furthermore there was never any communication with myself or Shelby Thomas, USRA Assistant Director for Division I (Wingcar), prior to the announcing of the intent to provide this PPV broadcast.

Since Steve Chick, owner of Chick’s Hobbiz, has announced publicly on the OWH on June 18, 2011 his decision to “pull the plug” on the PPV, the matter is closed.

Milton Gamble – USRA Director

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