2012 USRA Divison 2 Rules Proposals

Following are the 2012 USRA Division 2 Rules proposals, to be voted on by current 2012 USRA Division 2 members:

1.  All D-2 Classes (Grp10-Eurosport) will have a one minute “warm-up”
session.  This change will afford more consistent races by allowing drivers
to “settle-down”, cars to “warm-up”, and allow for correction of
incidental/unknown damage incurred during qualifying.

2.  Change Eurosport Race Procedure as follows: The current USRA Eurosport Race Procedure only provides for an A and B semi and Round Robins are utilized as necessary. Change to all racers will race in one preliminary qualifying race of 8 – 4 minute heats (no round robins). The top 8 racers in total laps will advance to the Main Event. Example: 32 entries will have 4 “Semis” with 8 in each race. Racers will be seeded according to qualifying with 1- 8 in the “A Semi”, 9-16 in the “B Semi”, 17-24 in the “C Semi”, and 25-32 in the “D Semi”. Make all “Semis” equal in number as possible with the extra cars being seeded from the top down; example with 33 entries, A-B-C will have 7 cars; D-E will have 6 cars.

All current 2012 USRA Division 2 members will be receiving an email with the invitation to vote which will include a link to the online voting ballot.

Voting will be open from today – Friday June 8, 2012 and will be closed at midnight on Friday June 22, 2012 (end of the day, all time zones). This should allow sufficient time for all members to place their votes.

Please only vote once. When you submit your vote, you will see a confirmation at the bottom of the voting page. All ballots and votes will be checked against the 2012 USRA Division 2 active member list for verification of eligibility.

You must fill out your name, email address, and your USRA membership number. In case you do not have your USRA card handy, your membership number is the number preceding your name at the top & bottom of the email that was sent to all current USRA Div 2 members.

The 2 proposals are being published publicly online, but only current USRA Division 2 members are being sent the direct link to the actual online voting ballot. All ballots will be verified against the membership list.

Thank you,

Milton Gamble
USRA National Director

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