Statement from the USRA National Director

Subject:  USRA 2013 Division II NATS Site Selection

Hot Slots Raceway in Boone, IA was the only bidder for the USRA 2013 Division II NATS.  Their bid was received on December 5, 2011.  On February 15, 2012 Mike Williams, owner of Hot Slots Raceway notified the USRA that he wished to withdraw his bid, citing his intent to close the raceway in March of 2012.

February 7 was the deadline for bids.  Whereas there was only a single bid and no alternate site, it is the responsibility of the National Director to select a new site or cancel the race.  Since SpeedZone Hobbies was the last unsuccessful bidder that is still open and has not hosted the NATS before, I contacted them first and offered them the race pending receipt of a deposit in a timely manner.  The deposit was received within 7 days and a representative of Speedzone  Hobbies will be in attendance at the 2012 Division II NATS General  Business Meeting .

Milton L. Gamble

USRA National Director

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