2012 USRA Bylaws Voting Results

The results of the 2012 Bylaws proposals & officer election voting are listed below.

Color Key: YesNoDid Not Vote = Total Votes

1.   Eliminate the bidding raceways presentation at the General Meeting.  In its place any raceway desiring to bid will make available its presentation online via a link on the USRA Website 60 days prior or on a date determined by the BoD and stated in the USRA Rule Book ; raceways will still be required to notify the USRA of their intent to bid and post the $500 deposit on the date stated in the USRA Rule Book.  The presentation can be a Video, Power Point/Slideshow or other standard electronic means of media presentation.  The bidding raceway will be required to provide contact information so Member /Racers can ask questions. (under the current system some racers have already voted and left or have not arrived in time for the meeting to hear the presentation; using the USRA website for the link will provide a single common source for communication)

Proposal 1 – Passed  4819 2 = 69

2.   Reinstate the spec for the “notch for axle clearance in the back of C-Can Motors” as 1/4″L x 1/8″W x 1/8″D. (current rule not clearly defined; spec has been changed several times since 2000 and no record of proposals can be found)

Proposal 2 – Passed  5513= 69

3.   Change the requirement of manufacturers to submit a complete motor for C-Can applications to submitting a setup. (there is no requirement to run a completed motor as submitted; interchanging of components is allowed; in Division II the policy/rule with regard to D-Can motors is for a setup; this rule change will make the rules more consistent and helpful for both manufacturers and racers)

Proposal 3 – Passed  6180 = 69

4.   Voting on rules proposals for individual classes will be conducted as outlined on pg 18 of the 2012 USRA Rule Book in a Drivers Meeting prior to qualifying for the individual class at the Nats.  Only those members entered in the National Championship Race will be allowed to vote.  A timeline to submit proposals will be established by the BoD (suggest July 1 for D-1 and March 1 for D-2) in order to allow voting preparation.  The BoD will have review responsibilities of the proposals to insure continuity and validity.  The submitting member must be present at the race for the proposal to be brought to the floor for voting.  Paper ballots will be used in lieu of a show of hands. (multiple submissions; allows a more definitive method of affecting a class by those that participate and have a vested interest in a respective class)

Proposal 4 – Passed  49191 = 69

Election of USRA National Director:

Candidates:  Richard Curnutte or Milton Gamble

Milton Gamble – 47Richard Curnutte – 21Did Not Vote – 1 = 69

2013 USRA Director – Milton Gamble


Milton Gamble
USRA National Director

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